If he insists on her using her own money, that’s excellent

Then she has to deal with it on her own. I seriously doubt there’s been any attempt to recruit him. From what I’ve seen, it’s a female organization.
That was one of my complaints that I pointed out to Martin, but I think in his/her haste to prove that MLMs are good (or to be “open minded”) that they’ve completely missed the point of your entire post.
Heart surgery is a serious issue in itself and a sister in a cult is also serious in itself. You’ve been through a very rough time and, unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet you can use to wake your sister up. She has to discover she’s been scammed on her own and all they do focuses on keeping her from finding that out. It’s not easy, but we are here to help — at least most of us are because we’ve seen what an MLM can do to people.