Your points in your email are on the money

I figured out how they sucked me in. They are trained to look for vulnerability, and to look for cracks of weakness in people and take advantage of it at that persons most weakest point in their life, the one on the top of the MLM chain. Some people are just plain naturals at this. Even my husband was fooled on some things. Ex: he didn’t know arbonne’s car program was a leasing program. I figured that one out for myself. I called the Mercedes dealer and did some research and got information from others in arbonne, whatever I could get. I am always asking questions:)

I figured out what my weak point was at that time in my life. I moved into a new area and didn’t know very many people. I was vulnerable not knowing things about my area and wanted to meet new people and make new friends. They knew and could see that in my life. So they told me what I wanted to hear. Camaraderie, friends, extended family. All those things. They look for that kind of “fit”. Thank goodness I was not a “fit”:)

No one should feel bad about themselves after this to long. It is a “sucker like feeling” sure, I had that. I joined a charity to meet new people and make new friends instead and that solved most of the problem of what I needed. That was a good choice for me. I even got spa clients from joining a charity. It’s given back to me already.