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I have a questions about a company that is not an MLM, but could very well be a scam

With all the credit card debt out there I have seen a ton of people in the net offering to, by some secret miracle that only they know, to wipe out all my credit card debt.
One guy brags about all the trips he has been on and thousands he has made by “gifting”. I am supposed to send him $5,000 and he will help me find people who are willing to give me $5,000 and it is all based on the Bible. After just a few short weeks God is going to bless me with piles of FedEx envelopes filled with cash because I had the faith to give to others. While the Bible does teach to give to those in need, I do not think this is what God had in mind. I had a phone meeting with the guy and pointed out the fact that if each person that gave got back more than her gave, then someone eventually would be left holding the bag with nothing. The conversations ended right after that due to what he called my “lack of faith”.
Quixtar was similar with everyone being taught to push all negative thought out of your brain and fill it only with positive thoughts that Quixtar would put there.
Now comes along a new angle. This time with credit card debt. One group wanted me to basically ignore the collection agents, or actually antagonize them, and then log the calls with the idea if they went over their legal limit I could sue them for all I owed and more and even get back the $2000 I paid this guy to help me sue them. I’ll pass on that one too!

Think of it this way:

if it were that easy to make some extra money or to pull in a good sum with part time or easy work, then that type of work would be swamped!
Depending on how long you have until retirement, looking into investing is always a good idea, especially during times like now when the market is already down.