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Wow, this is my first post on this blog (letter from JZ.)

I specifically looked for one having to do with MLMs, and this one looked like it had the most members. In the rules somewhere does it say you can’t post innocent questions? And if they are innocent, should I expect sarcasm as a response? I asked this question because my brother is thinking of getting into the MLM regarding ex fuze and I want to have some information to talk him out of it. I have no idea how long it’s been around or if it has scorned ex-members (the people I’d like to converse with). So, a simple “no, I know nothing about it” suffices. I’m sorry for being stupid and wording my post wrong.

Most spam these days is sent by spambots

which are programs that infect people’s computers and people never even know these programs are on their computers. What’s worse is that anti-malware programs often don’t catch them (but claim they do).

I get several emails a week from various idiot domain managers that say, “Can’t deliver, bad address,” but their software is so primitive it can’t tell it’s a forged email header. In other words, some twerps are out there sending spam to people using my email address.

I can promise you that the same is happening for many others on this list — not because they’re on this list, but if spammers have your email to use to spam you, they can also use it in forging email headers.

This was likely just an extreme “stroke of luck.” By a rare chance it’s most likely that a spammer using Chip’s email address just happened to send it to this blog, where he was known. They also probably sent the same spam to a large number of forums as well.