Monthly Archives: April 2016

He thought it was a scam too

right from the beginning he thought it was a pyramid scheme! I think that’s another reason she blew up at me, because she was having to defend this to him, too. He said that he thought it was BS. But she really wanted to do it, and she used her own money she had saved from her old job to buy the products, so he probably figured that if it made her happy, then fine.
I doubt she has tried to get him to be a part of it, although I don’t know since her and I haven’t been speaking, so I don’t see him to talk to him either.

On another point… I didn’t come here to debate good vs. evil or if all MLMs are the same (i.e. my prev posts)… I came to get some advice and information on something I already believed was a scam, so thanks for those of you that have been sharing stories and experiences and advice with me!