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Seriously folks :)

I read these posts, and yes I lost money in Herbalife, and yes I lost money in Equinox, and yes I lost money in Cell tech. I got mad and blamed the companies too.
I have a grandfather that made money in Amway, and he made money in Cell Tech.
Now he is making money in Xango. I am even making money in Xango.
The truth is, that MLM does work for some people, and rather than blame companies for our own failures, wouldn’t it be more productive to take a look at ourselves and ask ourselves what we could have done better. I am not a liar, nor a cheat, nor do I push people to take a product they do not want or need, and I do not condone such activities. But I will tell you that with the right coach and the right program, virtually anyone can make money at MLM; I am totally convinced of this. It might not be your first shot at it that makes money, but eventually if you keep up your search, you will find something out there for you. If I didn’t have $40.00 to invest in something because I could barely put food on the table, I would not do it. Just like I have not sunk big bucks into this program either, I do what I can afford to do.
God bless, and a better tomorrow