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You used the word “work” as in “MLM does work”

what exactly do you mean by that? If the test is “I made some money” then yes, some people do make money in an MLM – very very few make a boatload, a few make some serious dosh and a few make peanuts. The vast majority of people LOSE MONEY.

So if the criterion is “money gets into someones hands” then MLM works just like robbing banks “works” – some people do get away with it but at the expense of a lot of other people.

MLM is inefficient, it is probably the most inefficient way to distribute any sort of product and it functions by adding layer upon layer of expense.

What is “working” about that???

Need info on Herbalife

Be careful, a relative of mine in Portland got sucked in Herbalife, they put tens of thousands of dollars into into it. Bought into it, installed extra phone lines, auto dialer machine, etc. Spent money to go to the “cheer leader” meetings. Bottom line, they burned out in a few months as the main thrust was just to hit up everyone they knew,or did not know, to become sellers, so they could move up to the next level. Like any other MLM, no quick money there for them.

Watch your wallet…