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If that’s so, why does God need him to do it?

If God wants to bless you, can’t he do it by himself? Think about this. Have you given to the church or other charities before? Do you get money back because you do? I give something like $25 a month to World Vision to help a girl in Africa. I have yet to see some kind of gift dividend coming back to me because I’m doing that good work. If giving to others means getting of like gifts for one’s self, then I should be getting back $25-$75 a month or more for each time I give money to this girl.

There’s also an important theological/religious point here that’s being overlooked. If you give to get something back, you aren’t giving.
You’re investing. A true gift is given without expectation of receiving anything in return and enriches the giver just out of the personal growth and the exercise of generosity. If you give someone $5,000 with the expectation you’ll get Fedex envelopes coming back to you with $5,000 in each one, you’re not giving a true gift.

Oh, and the other point is that it’s a pyramid scheme, plain and simple. Or Ponzi. We can get technical if needed. What he’s doing is getting a few people to give $5,000 to one person, then getting more to give $5,000 to each of the first level of givers, and so on. Look at it this way: It starts with him and say he needs $20,000 to pay off his debt. He needs 4 people. If each of the 4 averages $20,000 in debt (actually the national average of people in credit card debt is above $20,000 or was last I checked), then those 4 givers need 4 each, or 16.
And so on. Even if you don’t need 4 givers, but only 2, then each generation needs twice as many as the one before it.

If that doesn’t sound like much, if each generation needs just twice as
many, it goes like this:

0 Generation: 1 person (the original debtor)
1st generation: 2 people
2nd generation: 4 people
3rd generation: 8 people
4 – 16
5 – 32
6 – 64
7 – 128
8 – 256

16: 16,384
24: 16,777,216 or over 16 million
32: 4,294,967,296 or over 4 billion
(As of 7/07 the total world population is estimated at 6 billion.)

Such schemes will, by necessity, fall in upon themselves. One might think they can reasonably go on for 16-20 generations if you look at the numbers, but out of practicality, they’ll fall apart before 8 generations.

There are a myriad of these companies and generally all should be avoided

Many companies that offer to help are scams. One I read about promises to reduce payments and in the fine print that most people can’t understand without a lawyer (even if they did read it) it states that you make payments to them for a year before they start paying off your credit cards — so you have to keep up payments for a year to your cards AND pay the scumbags! That’s just one example.

There are good solid companies that can help you, but most aren’t spending a lot of money on ads. Spend time Googling for them. And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.