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Finally I come to the one that peaked my interest

For up to 10 credit cards totaling less than $100,000 in debt I pay $2500 plus a couple of hundred per card. A small payment is then sent to the credit card company or collection agent which they will jump on and cash like a starving catfish on a fat worm. Since the credit card companies supposedly can change their rules and interest rates at a whim, a letter is sent with the check saying that cashing the check allows me to change their rules on them and suddenly I am in the drivers seat. I asked this company to see the letter, but it was privileged info that only this company would send directly to the credit card company. This company would then assume my debt in full and use some back door legal maneuver to get out of paying a dime. I am being very sarcastic about my description because I am trying to convince myself that this is just another bogus scam…but I found nothing bad on the Internet on it. Actually I found not much at all except for a few people that say it worked for them. Starving fish like me tend to start taking chances when they see nothing else to eat. We rationalize a reason for trying something we would have never touched in a sane moment, but time and circumstance tend to make us a little crazy. We go into a “wishful dreaming” state hoping the if we hope hard enough something will solve our financial problems and that shiny thing in the water is really a minnow…without a hook inside.
After all this talking I guess what I want to know if anyone has heard of this idea. It has been offered to me on a couple of occasions and I keep backing away, but I need to do something besides standing in one place till I get a net thrown over me. If it were just me, I could ride it out, but we are down to nothing left and just watching as things are taken away one by one and my wife is the biggest loser. We lost her insurance at the end of the year and it was the only way to afford her bills and prescriptions. We run out of all prescriptions over the next 2 to 6 weeks.
I welcome all comments, but if any of you have “first hand knowledge” and wish to write me I would appreciate it. If you want to tell me about a particular company that you found that was actually legit, you might want to write directly to me at my personal email address rather than posting the name to the MLM Survivors forum because that may be seen as soliciting for a company. Consumer Credit Counseling Services are useless because I have no income, at least not a steady one.

Is anyone familiar with them?

This is only one of the very many MLM Clubs my loved one has belonged, but it is the current one, and the one that seems to be causing the most destruction. Now it is psychologically, as well as financially destructive and we are scared it is going to end very badly.

After losing, at least in the tens of thousands of dollars on some of the other ones, it seems her “sponsor” at this Fine Choice Food Clubs (if that is the correct term for her) has holed herself up in my loved ones home. While first coming in between her and her husband who have been married for 30 plus years, and encouraging my loved one to leave her husband, she has somehow worked her magic and is instead now living in their home with them, which is 2,000 plus miles from HER home. This woman has proved to be a master manipulater of a very sad situation, and I would like to see her prosecuted in the end for her part in all of this. But, I guess we will have to take baby steps. We are just learning as much as we can about all this in order to try to help somehow.

Our loved one’s husband (once very opposed to all this) is now going along with all of this (in his desperation to keep his marriage intact, we assume) and has told his children and grandchildren to butt out of their lives. The “sponsor” has now succesfully cut ties between the loved ones and their friends and family members.

This can’t end good, and we need help to help them, but don’t know how. I’ve been to several websites. Is there anyone here who can provide information on this organization and offer any advice on how we can help them before it’s too late…