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If that’s so, why does God need him to do it?

If God wants to bless you, can’t he do it by himself? Think about this. Have you given to the church or other charities before? Do you get money back because you do? I give something like $25 a month to World Vision to help a girl in Africa. I have yet to see some kind of gift dividend coming back to me because I’m doing that good work. If giving to others means getting of like gifts for one’s self, then I should be getting back $25-$75 a month or more for each time I give money to this girl.

There’s also an important theological/religious point here that’s being overlooked. If you give to get something back, you aren’t giving.
You’re investing. A true gift is given without expectation of receiving anything in return and enriches the giver just out of the personal growth and the exercise of generosity. If you give someone $5,000 with the expectation you’ll get Fedex envelopes coming back to you with $5,000 in each one, you’re not giving a true gift.

Oh, and the other point is that it’s a pyramid scheme, plain and simple. Or Ponzi. We can get technical if needed. What he’s doing is getting a few people to give $5,000 to one person, then getting more to give $5,000 to each of the first level of givers, and so on. Look at it this way: It starts with him and say he needs $20,000 to pay off his debt. He needs 4 people. If each of the 4 averages $20,000 in debt (actually the national average of people in credit card debt is above $20,000 or was last I checked), then those 4 givers need 4 each, or 16.
And so on. Even if you don’t need 4 givers, but only 2, then each generation needs twice as many as the one before it.

If that doesn’t sound like much, if each generation needs just twice as
many, it goes like this:

0 Generation: 1 person (the original debtor)
1st generation: 2 people
2nd generation: 4 people
3rd generation: 8 people
4 – 16
5 – 32
6 – 64
7 – 128
8 – 256

16: 16,384
24: 16,777,216 or over 16 million
32: 4,294,967,296 or over 4 billion
(As of 7/07 the total world population is estimated at 6 billion.)

Such schemes will, by necessity, fall in upon themselves. One might think they can reasonably go on for 16-20 generations if you look at the numbers, but out of practicality, they’ll fall apart before 8 generations.

That’s the first warning sign

If it’s based on the Bible or Christianity, then run, don’t walk, away. Or as I often quote, be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
It’s not that there is a problem with Christianity or the Bible, but when someone makes a big deal about proclaiming their faith, then you have to wonder why their deeds don’t speak well enough for them. It’s a variation of Vaughan’s Law (yes, my own law, named after me). I’ve said for years if someone has a license plate “2???4U” then you know it should be “Not Enough ??? To Feel Good About Myself.” When was the last time you saw someone with “2SEXY4U” on a plate and the person was actually sexy and not a greasy haired pimply guy driving a muscle car trying to pick up chicks (oh, and weighing 250-400 lbs)? This may sound off topic, but I’m quite serious about this. If someone is that sexy, they don’t have to say it on their license plate. If a guy is that hot, he’ll be getting laid whenever he wants and he doesn’t need to advertise.

The point is that when people start saying, “I’m too sexy,” or “This is a Christian business,” then run away. If they have to say, “We’re professionals,” then run. Which Ghostbuster said, “Back off man, I’m a scientist?” He’s also the one that talked about being professional, but Venkeman was the least professional of all of them. See my point?

If he’s truly helping people and truly Christian, he won’t need to say so. Every time I’ve ever done business with a company that makes a big deal about their faith, I’ve regretted it. A while back I was at a public show and someone was giving out pens to people as they walked by. “Grapevine Computer Repair. A Christian company.” What in Heaven’s name does it matter if a computer repair company is Christian?
Are they going to faith-heal my computer? I’ve been making my living with computers for years, including fixing all of mine if they go down and I can tell you that one’s faith has nothing to do with computer repair skills.

The same is true with financial works. If they know what they’re doing and know how to run an organization, then it doesn’t matter if they’re Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Taoist, Wiccan, Santarian, Voudon, Hindi, or anything else. It matters that they know what they’re doing.

When they start saying they’re Christian, they’re doing it so they can make sure you know it — and if they say it that’s because down inside they know their actions won’t show it. They are the hypocrites on the street corner that pray loudly so everyone can hear them, then they go back home, settle down in their opulent homes, and talk about how good they are.

Wow, this is my first post on this blog (letter from JZ.)

I specifically looked for one having to do with MLMs, and this one looked like it had the most members. In the rules somewhere does it say you can’t post innocent questions? And if they are innocent, should I expect sarcasm as a response? I asked this question because my brother is thinking of getting into the MLM regarding ex fuze and I want to have some information to talk him out of it. I have no idea how long it’s been around or if it has scorned ex-members (the people I’d like to converse with). So, a simple “no, I know nothing about it” suffices. I’m sorry for being stupid and wording my post wrong.

Is anyone familiar with them?

This is only one of the very many MLM Clubs my loved one has belonged, but it is the current one, and the one that seems to be causing the most destruction. Now it is psychologically, as well as financially destructive and we are scared it is going to end very badly.

After losing, at least in the tens of thousands of dollars on some of the other ones, it seems her “sponsor” at this Fine Choice Food Clubs (if that is the correct term for her) has holed herself up in my loved ones home. While first coming in between her and her husband who have been married for 30 plus years, and encouraging my loved one to leave her husband, she has somehow worked her magic and is instead now living in their home with them, which is 2,000 plus miles from HER home. This woman has proved to be a master manipulater of a very sad situation, and I would like to see her prosecuted in the end for her part in all of this. But, I guess we will have to take baby steps. We are just learning as much as we can about all this in order to try to help somehow.

Our loved one’s husband (once very opposed to all this) is now going along with all of this (in his desperation to keep his marriage intact, we assume) and has told his children and grandchildren to butt out of their lives. The “sponsor” has now succesfully cut ties between the loved ones and their friends and family members.

This can’t end good, and we need help to help them, but don’t know how. I’ve been to several websites. Is there anyone here who can provide information on this organization and offer any advice on how we can help them before it’s too late…

Well I am glad you learned something

but MLM companies use stuff that is already out there for everyone else to hear and see. You can go to self help seminars without any MLM attachment. I think MLM’s do a disservice using self help programs. It’s just a way to make the company look good by hiding the lie. You said it yourself “ABC company helped you gain more ect” for yourself. Unfortunately, that was the MLM’s idea all along. EX: so and so won’t sue us cause he/she learned something.

I have found other sources of self help very similar to what the MLM’s use. So I can say I got it from somewhere else. The MLM experience was not so good that I was in and I switched to two different up lines. The MLM company that I experienced was more cultish than most and really sneaky about their cover up. You can only shout “goody two shoes” for so long when the truth is shown in full force. It was a cult like experience and they said if “my biz was not doing so well, it was all my fault and I had to go to self help seminars they provided”. I did not like being put on a guilt trip for something I didn’t do. This MLM was so bad, that if something was wrong with their computers on their end they would say “it was my computer”. Even the biz end of the company did no wrong. That was really fucked up.

Self help programs can help but only in the right venue. Best of luck to you.