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Well I am glad you learned something

but MLM companies use stuff that is already out there for everyone else to hear and see. You can go to self help seminars without any MLM attachment. I think MLM’s do a disservice using self help programs. It’s just a way to make the company look good by hiding the lie. You said it yourself “ABC company helped you gain more ect” for yourself. Unfortunately, that was the MLM’s idea all along. EX: so and so won’t sue us cause he/she learned something.

I have found other sources of self help very similar to what the MLM’s use. So I can say I got it from somewhere else. The MLM experience was not so good that I was in and I switched to two different up lines. The MLM company that I experienced was more cultish than most and really sneaky about their cover up. You can only shout “goody two shoes” for so long when the truth is shown in full force. It was a cult like experience and they said if “my biz was not doing so well, it was all my fault and I had to go to self help seminars they provided”. I did not like being put on a guilt trip for something I didn’t do. This MLM was so bad, that if something was wrong with their computers on their end they would say “it was my computer”. Even the biz end of the company did no wrong. That was really fucked up.

Self help programs can help but only in the right venue. Best of luck to you.