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In general, people expect the same manners on the Internet that they do in real life

For example, you would not go into a forum\blog of people and say, “What’s this about?” without doing some research. It’s generally considered polite to do the research before asking the question.

For example, in most forums I’m in the focus is tech support and if you ask questions in those forums without doing research first, you’ll get a blunt “RTFM” (READ THE er, FINE MANUAL) response and if it’s a question that could be answered with a simple search on the web that it’s clear you didn’t do, you’ll be told RTFMA (READ THE, ahem, FINE MANUAL, SIR!).

In this case you’re asking a question that could have been answered quite simply with a quick Google search — and it was something you would have learned about if you had read — oh, I won’t go there again.

We’ll be glad to help you with the situation with your brother and to discuss it with you, but on the flip side, we expect you to do your part as well by reading the files you were asked to read before posting and by doing your own research as well.

We know MLMs. We don’t know Ex Fuze specifically, but there’s nothing new that Ex Fuze can do or offer that we haven’t seen in scads of MLMs before.

If you had come in saying, “My brother is in Ex Fuze and I’m concerned about this. I’ve found some info on it through Google (or Yahoo or AJ) but I don’t know if it’s as bad as it looks or if it’s any good. Can you help me?” then we would have been all over ourselves to help you.
But coming in and asking a simple question that was covered in the READMEs and with a quick Google search basically tells us you want us to do all the work for you and most people, here or elsewhere, don’t take kindly to that.

So tell us what is going on, what he’s been told, how deep in it he is, and so on and we’ll be glad to help with what we can.

I left because I wasn’t making any money`

and, more importantly, no one else in my downline was either. So, either all of these people who my upline had earlier referred to as “bright, ambitious people” were actually total losers along with myself, or the MLM system was flawed.

So I went online to do some research, and while I still can’t find much information about ACN, I studied companies with similar systems such as Amway.

And almost became physically sick.

Did your grandfather make money in amway by retailing the products?

Was this in the 1960’s & 1970’s when amway actually sold soap or the new improved modern amway which sells dreams? How about his total, downline did they make money? And if he made money in amway in amway why switch to cell tech then xango. How about your group, not just you, is it making money?

We agree that mlm does work for some people…statistics show it works for about 0.01% of the distributors, of course that means that 99.9+% lose money with these scams.

Don’t come into this club with a “blame the the victim” attitude or you will be shown the door quickly. The fact is that mlm is DESIGNED from their highly overpriced products to their(even more importantly for the top upline)overpriced and useless motivational systems to fleece the new distibutors until they drop out and are replaced with new victims to repeat the cycle with.

Neither was I or my sponsor but that did not mean we weren’t repeating the lies and perpetuating the cheating scams that we were pushing literally as the Gospel Truth. The fact is that even though we weren’t liars and cheats we were still lying and cheating.

You are wrong! Unless of course you care to prove that statement.

Yeah, it’s called a job, career or profession.

The diiference bewteen your post and mine is that I have the indisputable facts to back my position, facts the mlm industry has tried their damndest to keep secret.